Lightning Protection Systems in Shelburne, VT

Business and home owners have trusted B&R Electric to protect them from lightning damage since 1974. We serve the Burlington Area, all of Vermont, and surrounding areas.

We can assist you in protecting your property from lightning damage by installing premium, custom designed lightning protection systems that provide optimal safety and security.

How Can Lightning Protection Benefit You?

With our B&R lightning protection system, you can rest easy knowing that your family, pets, home, barn, garage, and property are safe from the destructive effect of lightning. Even large, historic trees can be protected from lightning!

Commercial lightning protection systems provide the same protection, safeguarding your employees and facility. In addition, it can reduce expenses caused by equipment failure and downtime, prevent data corruption, and decrease maintenance and repair expenses for all types of electrical equipment.

Why risk damage to your valued property? Call B&R Electric, Inc. today to see how we can save your home and business from the devastating effects of lightning damage.

Our Process

We have over 40 years of experience in our industry, so you can always depend on B&R Electric, Inc. to professionally install the proper systems for your residential or commercial lightning protection needs.
We start with an initial evaluation to determine the services needed for your home or business. You can fill out an estimate form on our contact page.
We follow the initial evaluation with a comprehensive inspection and analysis. We arrange a meeting with you to conduct our inspection. Depending on the design and condition of your property, we will determine what exactly is needed for your project.
Finally, we design and install your lightning protection system once our work plan and estimate are approved. We will design and install a top-notch system that will complement your building's architecture. Our system components include lightning rods, decorative elements, conductive cables, ground rods, and surge arresters.
Depending on the size, your designed system can be installed and operational within one day.

Our estimated total turnaround from your initial estimate to installation and operation is roughly two weeks.

Contact us today to learn more!